Clash Royale APK Download Free Android/iOS/Windows Phone

By | June 11, 2016

Clash Royale APK Download Free Android/iOS/Windows Phone – Supercell had recently announced the launch of a superb game, which is Clash Royale. The game is suitable for iOS and Android devices. You can also download it to your PC with Windows versions. Clash Royale is on ist steps to popularity all over the world; it is easier to play this game. You have to use gems, cards, cheats, and gold as currencies to play the game and fight against your opponent.

The creators of Clash of Clans are the super brains behind this game too. You can have different clans & characters in this game to make the game more enjoyable. All you need to do is to collect as many cards as you can and then place it against the enemies to defeat them including the prince, knights, baby dragons and so on.

Clash Royale APK Download Free Android/iOS/Windows Phone

The Clash Royale is a simple yet fun loving game which can be played just by downloading it; The game is played using cards, gems, chests, and gold. These are the currencies that you get to play and make the game in a more amazing way. The currencies will be available when you download the game. You can win the game by defeating the enemies of the king, knights, etc.

Clash Royale APK Download

Here are the features of this fantastic game:

  • Two players can play simultaneously from anywhere around the world.
  • To get more rewards, you need to earn more chests and collect new cards.
  • Winning is possible by destroying opponent towers and enemy king. By this, you will get crowns.
  • Cards, Clash troops, and defenses can be upgraded any moment you want.
  • You can form your battle community by forming a clan and sharing cards.
  • Create a battle deck capable of defeating your enemies.
  • You can have a private duel and challenge your friends to play the same.
  • Watching TV Royale enables you to know the tips and tricks in playing the game.

Clash Royale APK Download Free Android/iOS/Windows Phone

It is easier to download Clash Royale, and it takes a few minutes to download the game. The game can be downloaded to your Android and iOS device. Follow the below steps to download the game easily to your mobile device

Clash Royale Download

  • First, you need to click on the Clash Royale download button
  • After this, you are supposed to verify yourself. This can be done when you download a mobile app.
  • Once the mobile app is downloaded, install the same and open it for a minute.
  • By doing this, the locked page will get redirected to the instruction page.
  • In the instruction page, you can access the download link for Clash Royale.

After finishing this, you will be able to play Clash Royale on your Android and iOS device. The game is exciting, and it will start giving your required number of cards, gems, chests and gold soon after you download it. Using these currencies, you will be able to continue the game.

Clash Royale is now available to be downloaded on your Android and iOS device. However, the download is possible currently only in few countries like Canada and New Zealand. The Apk download file is available on the internet to download and easy to download too.

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Now the latest version of Clash Royale APK 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 is also now available to download for you.  The latest 1.1.2 version is only 83.94 MB and consumes less space of your Android device. This version is compatible with all Android devices and tablets with the version above 4.0.3.

There are no much visible differences in the old and latest version of Clash Royale APK. If you have downloaded the earlier version, then you can also update to the latest version. When you update, the bugs if available in the previous version will be fixed.

The speed and stability will also become more when the latest version of APK is downloaded. The game if played strategically makes the player win it. More developments are ongoing for this game by the developers. The users can expect more features for this game in the coming future.

Clash Royale APK for Android
Clash Royale for iOS Download
Clash Royale for Windows Phone
Clash Royale APK free Download

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