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Clash Royale APK Download for Android – With the advent of 21st century, games took over the world. First Temple Run came with the storm, then Clash of Clans, and then Clash Royale from the same team.

What’s unique is these games are highly interactive, they’re no more the “Snake” or “Bounce” games found in the last decade cell phones, in fact, in some cases, these games might even beat what we play on our computer systems.

Clash Royale APK for Android Download Free

So yeah games, are popular. No doubts to that.So that’s the reason why I took to writing this piece on Clash Royale APK for you. By the end of this article, you’ll get direct download links to click on, and get the Clash Royale APK for your android devices.

The Plot…

It’s my habit always to mean more than what meets the eyes, so yeah I can’t complete this article unless I’ve talked thoroughly about what the Clash Royale APK is all about.

Clash Royale APK free Download for Android

It’s a strategy game, a game where players are ranked by Levels.! (As most games, of course). Did I say “players”? Well yeah, it’s a multiplayer online game, meaning you compete against real human beings across the globe.

The game is divided into 13 levels in total. That’s what makes this article on Download Clash Royale APK Free even more attractive.  It’s long enough games with enough levels = more fun, more time on it. So no surprises if you’re hell bent on downloading Clash Royale APK.

Your objective is to hit and destroy the Opponent towers. Opponents are other real players in the games, so you can’t forget that they have a similar purpose which makes you a potential target as well. Or well you’ve to destroy the “King’s Tower” cause as the name suggests, it’s the “King’s.”

How your win is calculated is, you’re a winner if you’re able to destroy more towers than your opponent.

Clash Royale Elements

I told you, it’s a strategy game, so they couldn’t make it complete without adding all of the “extra” elements that I’m gonna talk about right now!

Cards – Well these are what define your move (Clash Royale Cards). Meaning when the game starts, you’d be given 8 cards, among which you have the power to choose any 4.

These cards are what define your attack and defense. This is how you attack the opponent and defend yourself, and finally, lead your clan to victory.

Although, the cards aren’t unlimited. Meaning they, in turn, are controlled by Elixirs. These Elixirs keep up replenishing upon a time, meaning you can’t play them straight in a row but have to wait some time after you’ve used a card for it to replenish via the Elixir.

Although as soon as a card gets exhausted, or used, you get a new card added to the deck automatically. Not just that, you have the power to unlock different arena and areas by winning trophies.

And to win the Trophies, you need to win Battles! (Ah it’s like everything’s inter-linked, right? Yeah, I know!) So well that was about the “strategy.” Let’s talk about defense a bit!

Clash Royale APK for Android Download Free

How Defense Works?

You have towers you need to defend, right? Well, everyone else in the game does too, so why do some players win while others lose?

Well there’s that thing I talked about “levels,” right? Levels are what denote your “power” in a sense. The higher you’re up on the game, the lower your chances of being defeated are.

That’s because every time you acquire a new level, your tower attack, and hitpoints are increased. Hence, you get stronger. So yeah one thing for sure is that you need to have a higher level to survive in the game.

But how do you do that?

Well, there are two main ways of upgrading your level. The first one is that you can denote cards, denoting helps you improve your level. Or, you can go with upgrading the cards.

Clash Royale APK for Android – Free?

It’s free game, isn’t it? So how exactly are they a Multi-million dollar corporation? Well, the answer lies in their “premium in-game purchases.”

In fact, that’s how most of the good games on Android and iOS make money. And trust me it’s a lot of money. Well, you run out of Chests and cards al the same right? You can’t expect to play the game without those two, can you?

And if you’re desperate and interested enough you’ll buy those things with real life money, and that’s how they get paid. The chests you buy after you proceed through this guide on Clash Royale APK for Android *Latest Download free, take some time to open up.

I mean the chests you find don’t open up as soon as you find them. Instead, there’s a fixed time-frame for them to open up.

  • Silver:- 3 hours.
  • Golden:- 8 Hours.
  • Giant Chests:- 12 hours.
  • Magical:- 12 hours.
  • Super Magical:- 24hours.

Although I get it if you don’t want to wait up and might want to speed the process up, and you can use “gems” to speed the process up. The chests mostly contain Gems, Cards, and gold, etc. which you can use to advance your level and gameplay in the game.

Not just buying, you also get awarded one free chest every day, which might contain any of the above said elements.

Friendly Battles – This is one of the most exciting features with Clash Royale! You don’t always have to be an offensive player. You can play friendly battles with your friends, just for fun. Or maybe for strategy planning.

What you win or loose doesn’t effect the game in anyway. It’s more like a Warm up thing!

Clash Royale APK for Android Download Free

Clash Royale APK for Android free Download

So yeah enough with the sweet talks by this time I know you’re getting excited to get your hands on the game’s APK file, right? So without delaying anymore, I’ll just give you the direct download links.

Click here to Download Clash Royale APK directly


So that was a detailed thing about Clash Royale, it’s plots, storyline, strategies and everything else. If you’re directly up for downloading the APK file, then you can skip all the other sections and directly click on the link to downloading it.

Hey, this piece useful? Or at least interesting? Mind sharing it around will appreciate it.

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